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Conjoined Twin Shuns Brother

Written By: Jehovahstrumpet - Dec• 28•13

Jimmy and Johnny Ghent were born joined near the hip and spine. The doctors wanted to separate the children at birth, but their parent’s righteous stand against blood prevented the surgery. At the time, they could not find a surgeon willing to do the operation while still respecting Jehovah’s law. The boys grew up in the mental regulation of Jehovah and waited on Jehovah to separate them. They were baptized at aged ten and began pioneering at sixteen when they were legally allowed to drop out of high school. They are now twenty-five, and Jimmy has been disfellowshiped. Johnny tells us  how he endures having his wicked brother attached to him.

“It wasn’t so bad being a conjoined twin. Jimmy was a part of me, and I was a part of him. When you’re born that way, you really don’t know any differently so it felt pretty normal. The Friends were always kind, even though we had to  endure bullying at school. But we handled it with a faithful spirit because we were bullied more often for being True Christians than we were for being conjoined twins. Our Kingdom Hall had a special seat built for us, and we just patiently waited on Jehovah to fix our situation.

However, you did have an opportunity later to have the surgery?

     When we were twelve, a surgeon agreed to separate us without using blood. The only problem was that the separation would likely leave me paralyzed and possibly kill me. I was willing to take the chance. I didn’t mind being paralyzed because that meant I would qualify for a disability check, and that would enable me to pioneer until Armageddon.  Medical opinion was that Jimmy would be fine and lead a normal life, which surprised us because he has the weaker legs.  Jimmy adamantly refused the surgery because he would not risk losing me. He said he couldn’t enjoy his legs if mine weren’t working. So we didn’t have the surgery.

Yet, you both pushed forward with zeal and faith?

We dropped out of high school at sixteen and pioneered. There was no sense wasting any more time on a secular education. The end is so close, and we are both able to read well enough to understand the Bible. What more do we need?

It sounds like Jehovah truly blessed you.

Yes, until we were twenty. A brother gifted us with smart phones, and he paid the service for a year. This was so generous of him. He said that we could use them to visit, and we could  download some of the literature onto our phones. The Society is so cutting edge.  We were delighted. Jimmy and I would use those phones to do our research and prepare for meetings. Jimmy often plugged ear phones in. The way we are attached, I couldn’t see his screen so I asked him what he was listening to. He told me he had loaded Kingdom Melodies into the phone, and they helped him sleep. That was a wonderful idea so I did the same.”

He wasn’t listening to Kingdom Melodies, was he?

“No. I was devastated. One day I grabbed his phone by mistake and saw that he had watched one of the Smurf movies. I was deeply concerned and confronted him with it. He said he was just curious, and he was sorry, and it wouldn’t happen again. Well, we all make mistakes, but I was a little worried that the phone had picked up a demon.”

Did you go to the elders?

“I thought about it, but he promised not to do it again. It wasn’t a disfellowshiping offense, so I thought we had handled it. I grew to regret that decision.  If we had nipped it in the bud when he watched Smurfs, we could have helped him. But one thing leads to another . . . “

What happened next?

“Well, we seemed to have put the Smurf sin behind us and went about our business as usual. Jimmy typed a lot on his phone, but he told me he was just working on his talks. Those phones have nifty word processing programs in them. As time went on, Jimmy didn’t feel like getting up for service most mornings. He was staying up too late doing research on his phone. I reasoned with him. I told him that it was a very good thing that he liked to read the Society’s literature, but we had to keep things in balance.”

Did that solve the problem?

“Sadly, no. It was becoming difficult for me to make my time each month because Jimmy fought me about getting up. Then he started fussing about going to all the meetings. Well, I have the stronger legs, and while I didn’t force him to go out into service because he wouldn’t dress properly, I didn’t care if I dragged him to meetings in his pajamas. I knew the Friends would understand, and they did. They just kept trying to encourage him.

That’s pretty bad, but it grew worse didn’t it?

 Late one night, I was awakened by what felt like toes in my calves. This confused me because Jimmy’s toes don’t point that way. It took a few minutes for me to realize that Jimmy was committing fornication. It was just awful. I lay there stunned. He must have met this woman on the internet. I think it’s safe to say he probably got involved in social networking. He didn’t heed the warnings from the Society. The next morning, I dragged him directly to the elders.

That was the righteous thing to do.

Things were confusing for a while. Jimmy wouldn’t admit to the fornication, and I was only one witness. There was also some question as to whether this was a confession on my part. The Brothers asked me if I had screamed. I hadn’t. I was too shocked to make a sound at the time. So they told me that may make me guilty of fornication since, technically, I shared a body with Jimmy. They called the Society for guidance.”

That’s frightening. How long did you wait, and what was their answer?

“We waited about a week. The Society assured the brothers that I was not guilty of fornication because I was not a willing participant in the act, and the latest Watchtower update did not require screaming. However, because we were conjoined, they could treat my testimony not only as a confession, but also as two witnesses. They further advised that Jimmy was also guilty of incest and homosexuality along with fornication with a woman. I broke down and told them about the Smurf movie so they added brazen conduct to the list. They formed a judicial committee.

I begged Jimmy to confess and repent, but he refused. I suspect his heart had begun to harden when he watched the movie. The brothers disfellowshiped Jimmy a year ago.”

It must be very difficult to have to be in his presence all the time.

Yes, it is incredibly trying, but Jehovah gives me strength. I’m able to drag him to meetings, but he  causes disturbances. For instance, he will read posts out loud from the apostate sites like jwonline, jwfacts or jwsurvey. It makes the children cry. He wears a Smurf T-shirt to the meetings. Of course, it makes it very difficult for me to pioneer, but I use the internet a lot. I count my time on Twitter, and if someone responds, I count it as a return visit. Once they have responded five times, I count it as a bible study. I tried phone witnessing, but Jimmy always yells apostate lies in the background. For instance, he will insist that the Society joined the United Nations or that they used to publish racist material.  The important thing is that I still put in the effort. Jehovah will provide the rest.

What are some practical things you do to shun your conjoined twin?

I limit any conversation with him to necessary family business. Unfortunately, I have more necessary family business than most brothers and sisters. For instance, I have to speak to him every time I need to visit the bathroom, although I try to do that as infrequently as possible. That leads to bladder infections, but it’s a small price to pay for staying loyal. Meals are problematic. Jimmy will not respect the arrangement that I can’t share a meal with him so he refuses to wait until I’m finished eating to start his meal. He takes a very long time, sometimes as long as three hours. But I am committed to never having a piece of food in my mouth at the same time that he does.  I wait patiently. My dinner is usually cold and unappetizing when he is finished, but my real food comes from Jehovah so it’s a small sacrifice.”

You certainly are an example for the rest of us, Brother Ghent.

“Thank you. Put your trust in Jehovah, and you can endure all things.”

Friends, are we not deeply encouraged by the faith that Brother Ghent displays? If he can find a way to shun his conjoined twin, none of us can complain that it is too difficult to shun our children and parents. Let’s take this example to heart and remain ever committed to withdraw all love and support from those that depend on us for companionship and socializing. We can only truly love them if we are willing to reject them.  It only takes faith the size of a mustard seed.


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  1. Pete ZaHut says:

    My disfellowshipped Brother and I are also conjoined and it is very difficult for me to give talks in the ministry school or handle the microphones during the Watchtower study. During the meetings he reaches around and raises his hand in such a way that it looks like I’m the one who wants to answer and don’t get me started about what he does when I volunteer to sit by the contribution box at the assemblies !

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      It may be, dear Brother, that you will eventually be asked to forfeit such privileges. Don’t let it discourage you. It doesn’t mean you are not deeply loved by the congregation, but that there are circumstances beyond your control that disqualify you from certain duties. You’ll still be happy. Just ask any sister.

      • Pete ZaHut says:

        Well that’s the weird thing about all of this….you see, I AM a Sister and now that my (fraternal) conjoined Brother is DF’d I have been filling in for him until they find a suitable replacement. I always wore a head covering in the past while he carried out his congregation duties and even though I know his routine by heart, head covering or not, they won’t use me as a permanent replacement. Pfffttt….idiots !

  2. Badshah says:

    We had a pair of conjoined twins in our hall, and they always reported exactly the same hours in field service. I always wanted to ask them if they were just taking the total hours and dividing by two, or what? It just looked fishy to me, but I never got the nerve to ask.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      Yes. It seems highly unlikely that they would spend the exact amount of time in field service. We can leave that in Jehovah’s hands though. He is the great time keeper.

  3. Pete ZaHut says:

    They used to refer to Return Visits, as “Back Calls”. In the case of conjoined twins depending on which twin did the talking, one of them was indeed making a “Back” call.

  4. rip van winkle says:


  5. This situation reminds me of two sisters who were separated at birth through adoption: After finding out about her sister Mamey, Amey searched for Mamey over 35 years. Upon locating Mamey, the emotional reunion was cut short as soon as Amey found out that Mamey was in a disfellowshipped state. Amey was assured by a member of the Kingdom Hall that if Jehovah could help her locate Mamey, He could also provide her with a better sister in paradise.


  7. Amy Reeves says:

    What a steaming pile of horse shit! Really SMURFS? The JW is the only religion that teaches hate, and teaches you to cast away blood family if you sin. Your women have to sit back and live the life of their husbands beating and raping them because if they divorce they will be shunned. I will pray for all your souls that jesus will forgive the hatefulness in your hearts, what kind of mother disowns her daughter, never to talk to her again because she does not follow the faith? Open your eyes people. Love one another.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      It’s hard for those that don’t have the Truth to understand shunning, but I think you should know that we HAVE been accused of satire.

      • rob james says:

        I will pray for u but i doubt it will do any good people of limited intelligence and depth love the watchtower society because they dont have to think for themselves i was raised in the kingdom hall and for some reasons i am grateful i was taught about good and evil from a young age and learned my bible very well and also gave me courage to.preach. in the feild or from the podium.Its not the mostly good and moral people who are evil its the society the few elite who run the watchtower machine.try to pray and read only from the BIBLE (wich is jahs word) not the red book the blue book or whatever wt publication they are pushing that coincide with their ever changing doctrines .YHWH is the same alwAys he doesnt change neither does his word. And think logically(i know its difficult if. youve been in the society for a. long time)if someone prophesizes over and over and is consistently wrong they must be a false prophet. I dont consider myself apostate because i follow the bible and jahs commandments to the best ability i can in this fallen imperfect state.i dont obseve holidays or anything remotely pagan i dont vote among other things ,but i cannot as a follower of christ support an organization that rules thru fear and guilt instead of love. God bless you

  8. Baba Ganoosh says:

    I have lamentably fallen away from True Worship (TM) for several years. However after reading these faith-strengthening stories of how our dear brothers and sister manifest such godly love toward “spiritually-sick” relatives by shunning them has inspired me to return to the flock. Thank you, brothers, and may Jah bless your ongoing rejection of family members.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      Jehovah’s way is always the best way. Our deeply flawed and wicked hearts may tell us that the way to win our family members back is to show love, compassion, concern and respect, but Jehovah tells us that such love is misguided. The best way to let our wayward family members know they are loved and will be accepted is to gossip about them, refuse to help or comfort them, ignore them, and not let them get to know their grandchildren. You, Dear Brother, are evidence that Jehovah’s way is so much wiser than the ways of men! Welcome home to the most loving organization on earth.

    • JW.borg says:

      It makes our hearts rejoice when brothers & sisters take to heart the loving council that God has given us, and or the GB since they are one and the same, and follow the fair balanced, loving act of ignoring,shunning and marginalizing our loved ones so we can shame them back to a good conscience and our love.

      You are in our prayers, Baba Gnoosh….as is Jehovahs Trumpet for setting matters straight and to the point with this spiritual food at the right time…may the love you show others come back upon you….peace be with you.

  9. E. says:

    that is got to be sadness or stupidest thing I ever heard.

    • Baba Ganoosh says:

      Brother E, I implore you to open your heart to Jehovah and the Truth! Sometimes, Jah’s ways can be perplexing but that is only because we, being imperfect, rely on “man’s thoughts”. Satan wants nothing more than for you to give up and have a discouraged heart. The loving provision of this website will help you as it has helped me.

      I encourage you to try “bowing low before the True God” and pleasing him. Joy will be yours as you feel his warm Holy Spirit pour forth all over you. Taste His Holiness and see that it is good as you reap the full blessing of His Chosen Seed.

  10. Lester Apostate says:

    This is one of the best sites I have had the pleasure of reading ! Perhaps you will succeed in having the Witnesses who stumble on this taking it seriously and maybe seeing that it is not a long stretch from the truth. Satire is a powerful weapon, … not that I am saying you are guilty of using it. (We must be careful of unfounded accusations . we should leave those to the WT !!!

  11. StillShocked says:

    I just peed in my pants reading this. Seriously. (Satire)

  12. Tvkaye says:

    Who really among these two brothers showed the love of Christ? To me it’s obvious – Jimmy. In all his weakness he has compassion on his brother. Sparing his life, giving up his freedom. Too bad his brother chose a religion over him. May The Lord free you from service to men and help you to see that while we were yet sinners He died for us.

    • null and void says:

      @Tvkaye….Sorry, but it’s obvious you do not have gods, I mean the WT, proper view…..nothing says I love you when you hate them for the right reasons….oh, I don’t mean hate “them” I mean hate what they do/did…..semantics? You say tomato and I say potato….you’re wrong. conditional love rules…

  13. Conan71 says:

    I also was born with a conjoined twin unfortunately he passed shortly after birth.
    I was very saddened by not having a relationship with my brother . Later I realized that statistically he was unlikely to remain faithful to Jah. So now I have great joy in his passing so I may be re united with him in the new world.

  14. Floyd G. Rickowski III says:

    What an inspiration to us all, amidst all the difficulty in living a true Christian life, the brother persevered despite being tied to a worldly fallen brother. (brother in the “other” way). It takes courage to live and teach truth, I’m reminded of a brother (brother in the normal unrelated way), who had a tough time of it in disciplining his wife. He tried, but she being much larger and stronger left him the worst for wear. Even the Elder’s were fearful of tackling the job, so they pretty much left the obedience issues between Sheila and Jehovah. It was not a pretty site seeing Harvey wearing both an arm and leg cast, at the same time. The doctors are not at all certain his nose will ever be right. Thank you all for your stories of sacrifice and walking the fine line in making Jehovah the happiest god in the whole universe.

  15. isa says:

    it-s an horrible life that this twin is living….. it’s chamfull to do this to someone you love. the twin that is NOT Jehovas witness is very intelligent !! the other one is a stupid asswole….

  16. Wich is twitter and facebook brother conjoined

  17. AK says:

    I have shared this most incredible story to my FB page to have friends have a gander and get their thoughts. I wonder what my former and still current JW friends will think? Thank you for sharing this ‘story’ in such a way that it hopefully gets ones to think for themselves.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      Your current JW friends’ hearts will warm to see such faith.

      • AK says:

        They must be stunned at such loving provisions because they have been silent while other non JW friends have made not so nice comments about the JW religion. However, they now luv smurfs even more because of THAT legendary story I introduced to them. I was able to segway into such a story due to my Reasoning Book, the OKM and my luv for Truth! I think I gave a fine witness. The worldlies need to know WE are NOT the crazy ones. It is them. Always THEM and they WILL be destroyed if they do not repent of their worldly, icky poo poo ways! (Sorry for such strong language brother. I get so riled up sometimes) Anyway, I was only too happy to make everyone aware of the stuffed animal smurf who got up out of his seat, cursed, ran down the isle and out the hall. They must be made aware of the demons in this world! I shall count a half an hour of time on top of it because people had to think of responses to me and then type it out. Actually, now that I think of it, I should round it off to an hour. They are probably still thinking of the twins and Smurfs. In no time at all I shall get my pioneer hours in.

  18. Your shunning law is based on a misinterpretation of the scriptures. It says to quit sharing company with anyone, “calling himself a brother,” who commits sins. If someone leaves – either by choice or by disfellowshipping – they are no long called a brother. Indeed they are a man (or perhaps woman) of the nations and are to be treated as such. This is just one of many twisting of the facts that Watchtower are guilty of. Sadly, you people are discouraged from researching outside of the Watchtower’s publications and so will never discover the lies they teach you.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      Ah. So you read the story about a conjoined twin shunning his brother, and this is your response? You may wish to read our story about the little girl shunning her kitten, Skittles, and share your thoughts. Or, how about the family that has repudiated Thursdays because of their pagan origin? Then there is our Ask A Pioneer series where a faithful pioneer sister shares how she used a head covering made from a peanut butter sandwich because she was in the presence of a baptized 8-year-old while conducting a door stop study. I believe those articles will give you some perspective and clue you in to what our mission here is.

  19. Daren says:

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard! I never laughed so hard in my life! My wife and I are both disfellowshipped and there were tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Thanx so much you made my day!

    • It’s not really a laughing matter.
      Yes, Jehovah is the “happy” God, especially when he’s killing animals in a flood, watching Lot have incestuous baby making sex with his daughters, or seeing Dinah get raped, knowing that it will be provide fine spiritual guidance for years to come.

      But while we are happy people, and are reminded of that weekly through the meetings, laughter is a dangerous route to the “wide road” that leads to destruction.

  20. jacqueline says:

    absolutley hilarious, watch mastermind and the watchtower, and hitler leaves the watchtower,

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