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Faithful Daughter Shuns Aging Mother

Written By: Jehovahstrumpet - Aug• 31•13

Shawna Phillips tells us her faith building experience of shunning her 80-year-old mother. We can all gain strength from her example of loyalty to Jehovah. We asked Sister Phillips what it was like growing up with her mother.

She was a wonderful mother and faithful sister. My father died young, and she was left with four children to care for. Things were rough. My mother worked two jobs and still found time to study with us for every meeting. We almost neShawna Phillips editedver missed one.

Sometimes there wasn’t enough food, and my mother would go hungry just to make sure us kids ate. She never thought of herself first. We were all in the Theocratic Ministry School as soon as we could read, and she’d help us prepare our talks. But she also made room for fun things too. No matter how tired she was, she’d always try to find an inexpensive family activity we could do, even if it was just popping some popcorn and watching a movie.

When I was around eight, I started to get sick. My mom would sit up with me all night while I cried. Then she’d have a sister watch me and go to work in the morning. It turned out that my kidneys were bad, and eventually, in my teens, I needed dialysis.

This is a sad turn of events, but you look healthy now.

I am healthy, thanks to my mother. I needed a kidney transplant and she was a match. So she gave me a kidney. The Friends were wonderful at this time and did what they could to help my mother through her recovery. They made sure the other three children were cared for.

Well it certainly sounds like she started out as a very faithful servant of Jehovah!

She was. She leaned so heavily on Jehovah for those years, and she taught us children to do so too. We were all baptized and married in the Truth. My brother is an elder and my two sisters pioneer. I pioneered for a while, but then I had two children of my own. My second child was born prematurely. That’s common in women with kidney transplants. My mother was right there tirelessly taking care of my toddler and supporting me.

So what went wrong?

Well, some years ago my mother read an apostate lie that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society had joined the United Nations as a non-governmental organization. An NGO. She believed it. I was appalled. How could she believe such slander? The Watchtower always taught us that the United Nations was the scarlet colored wild beast and in direct opposition to Jehovah’s kingdom. They would never do such a thing.Division

Instead of just dismissing these false accusations, she kept reading. Sadly, she concluded that the Watchtower did not have the Truth, and she left the organization. My siblings and my children all shun her. She has never met my grandchildren. It’s hard, you know? She’s my mother, but she’s a corrupting influence. Her heart is just bankrupt, and that’s very difficult to accept.

That’s such a betrayal!  It kind of makes everything she ever did for you not really mean anything.

Exactly. It’s all washed away like dust in the wind.

So how are you dealing with the day-to-day responsibility to shun?

I rely on Jehovah. I pray to stay firm and loyal. It’s not always easy. My mother is in a nursing home now.  I fulfill my Christian obligation to make sure her physical needs are met, but I don’t visit her. The children don’t visit her. Sometimes that causes a problem with the staff at the nursing home.

In what way?

Well, last week they called me to ask if I would come in to visit my mother. I told them absolutely not. They then said she had been crying for her children and grandchildren, and she wasn’t doing so well. They had a difficult time understanding, worldly people often do, but I remained adamant. I said I was sorry that my mother was lonely and crying and that I didn’t wish her any extra pain, but I had to remain loyal to Jehovah. She would just have to work it through herself. elderly black woman edited

Do you ever feel tempted to give in?

I do at times. I think about the sacrifices she made for us kids. I think about the kidney she gave me. She never said a mean word to any of us. I did feel like my resolve was going to crumble for a while, but then I went to the district convention this summer and I was up-built. The brother reminded us that Jehovah wants our loyalty, and that may mean shunning those who have done the most for us.  It wasn’t my choice to shun my mother but her choice to leave Jehovah. I’m committed to remaining steadfast to Jehovah.

That is truly an encouraging story! Your example is proof that we can remain loyal even if it means letting our mothers die alone in a nursing home. May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts.

Friends, when your loyalty is put to the test, will you be like Sister Phillips’s mother, or will you be like Sister Phillips? May we all remain strong in these last days and continue to show our loyalty by shunning those we love.


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  1. CED says:

    The Society DID, in fact, join the United Nations. It is not an apostate lie; it is the truth.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      Impossible! Apostate! Evidently you have been reading those lies at

      Why must we suffer apostates even on the internet? Oh, Jehovah, please bring your righteous slaughter soon.

      • Once a again a typo they joined the United Motions. A neverending holy chalice of shite. The Governing Body hates anuses of any sort but are not afraid to elect the next President of the WTBTS Brother Hugh Janus of the carpet remnant.
        He is so full of crap he can’t sit down at Jehovah’s table let alone at the right of him laying a cable of his own on the throne. When will Jehovah anoint members of the Governing Body with smaller rectums and cast out the dollops who foul his organisation and instead choose those who can easily ‘pass through the eye of a needle’? Most of his followers could accommodate an Aid to Bible Understanding Book still inside a bookbag, up their tailpipe while Mormons prefer smaller stools and less urgent contractions. Go to a Jehovahs Witness assemble hall. There you can see Jehovahs Witnesses in their thousands actually being assembled. Look at their pooh chutes and you will see a range of some the hugest on the planet.

      • Kate says:

        Go directly to the United Nations and ask for the records yourself. The watchtower society uses their library all the time so you wont’ get in any trouble by doing your own investigation unless you are afraid of the truth!

      • Bonnie Hershey says:

        Yes, Jehovah. Kill us all now. Because afterall, you ARE a God of LOVE and MERCY; just like your faithful followers who want you to kill us. If you blind sheep (aka current members of Jehovah’s Witnesses) were allowed to use your critical thinking skills, you could look this stuff up for yourselves and see that it, and many of the other things we say about the Watchtower organization are true. Wouldn’t that be a novel concept… thinking for YOURSELF without being TOLD what to think.

        • Jehovahstrumpet says:

          Yes. We do anxiously await that day. It’s coming faster than ever!

          • perry says:

            We are taught “faith is the expectation of things to come though not perceived” proving we don’t need any perception and if you look at our brothers choice not to use it, we can see how that helps us obey ‘the faithful and discreet slave’.Over the centuries our publications has proven you need zero insight or perception to read and obey their instruction and obey the Watchtower magazine. You need very little faith in Jehovah’s prophecies in the absence of perception. After all when you have any real insight and start to question our bible study aids where might that lead? Independent thinking? Becoming a independent thinker can turn to apostasy and thinking for yourself!!!Never let that happen as our own self-styled translation of the bible tells us ‘we cannot even choose our own steps without Jehovah ‘ that means perception and freedom of thought can lead to spiritual death and shunning and proper death twice and in that order. There are 3 types of apostate and both of are gong to have to stand up and have to be counted at Gods Judgement day which is just around the corner only a couple of blocks away now waiting for the greenlight after being stuck at the lights.I hope you have enough patience for your reward in the News system? Because perception and a concept of time is not part of the deal if you want everlasting life in a paradise earth..

      • Free at last says:

        Sick! Truly sick! Your ever changing GB produced many articles about the internet being evil, lol, now they & their ever changing ideas are all over it. Kind of like the blood issue, the generation meaning, the many failed dates predicted. Im afraid you are praying for their slaughter in your pathetic comment above. AWAKE! , you are under a thick fog of deceit.

    • kkmm says:

      I thought this was a joke..the Watchtower DID join the UN and JWs are so ignorant for refusing to no absolutely no research while going along and believing everything they are fed by the watchtower. It only makes you look dumb because the facts are available for everyone that they DID join and pulled out when someone caught on…also, I thought Jws weren’t allowed to have blogs? arn’t you only supposed to go to
      Ugh whatever

      • Jehovahstrumpet says:

        We here at Jehovah’s Trumpet have been accused of SATIRE from time to time.

        • Free at last says:

          Water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. What if someone says, “Well, that’s not how I choose to think about water.”? All we can do is appeal to scientific values. And if he doesn’t share those values, the conversation is over. If someone doesn’t value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance of logic?

          • Jehovahstrumpet says:

            As long as it doesn’t contradict the Bible, I will conceded that water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

    • Dear Shawna, You sound like a very strong and sincere lady who truly loves Jehovah God and wants to do what is right in His eyes; like you want to show Him that, no matter what trial, you will remain loyal to Him, and that is a wonderful and admirable thing.

      I love our Creator, and I am so grateful to Him that He provided us with His Word of Truth, and that He made it possible through His Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, to come to salvation…what a precious gift!! But their is an enemy who hates our God and Jesus, and this enemy will stop at nothing to deceive those who want to serve the God he hates…

      Many have been deceived by those who are clever at twisting the Word of God into doing things and believing things that are truly not Biblical, and many who once believed leaders who taught these things began to feel troubled in their hearts and by and by came upon answers to what troubled them, and this can cause a real “Crisis of Conscience,” as an ex-governing body member has testified.

      I hope that you will look to the Word of God, the God you are so loyal to, and ask for Holy Spirit to show you the truth in His Word. Without “Watchtower Glasses,” you may be able to “see.”

      May Jehovah God and our Lord Jesus continue to bless you and guide you in your walk…

      • Jehovahstrumpet says:

        We here at Jehovah’s Trumpet couldn’t agree more. There are sincere ones still out there who are being mislead by twisted reasonings and Satan. They will teach unscriptural things such as love should not be tempered by judgement. Then there are the apostates who are busy writing books and mocking Jehovah on the internet. This can lead to a great deal of confusion and pain. For instance, people actually think they have to tolerate and love those that disagree with them, but Jehovah will set them free of all that turmoil! This brings a great deal of peace. When we understand it’s righteous to simply eliminate those that would conflict with our worldview, we can do so with full assurance that Jehovah is smiling on us.

        Also, since Jehovah is love, this is the true essence of love. It’s a love that surpasses all reason and rationality. If you’d like to experience love like that, then we encourage you to accept a home bible study at a time and place of your convenience. We understand that when you have been deeply misled, it may be difficult to see the wisdom in certain courses, but if you accept that bible study, come to meetings, leave your old friends behind, limit your association with non-believing family members, drop out of college, work in the ministry, join the theocratic ministry school, and completely fill your life with godly things, you’ll find it much easier to accept even the most difficult things about the Truth. You will find that you simply have no more energy to question or think on negative things, and that will lead to absolute obedience, which Jehovah treasures most. You will also find it easier to just not think about those things that may bother worldly people, like a child or parent you have not spoken to in years. You’ll just focus on the prize.

        We do hope that you will accept the offer so that you can come to understand true love, or, as we like to say here at Jehovah’s Trumpet: If you’re shunnin’, you’re luvin’.

        • Free at last says:

          Water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. What if someone says, “Well, that’s not how I choose to think about water.”? All we can do is appeal to scientific values. And if he doesn’t share those values, the conversation is over. If someone doesn’t value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance of logic?

  2. Shunning is a typo. The WT has exposed this textual error and wish to replace the ‘unn’ with ‘itt’. This refers the amendment within all the literature henceforth to the colloquialism ‘Shitting’ . Example: “I’m only shitting my family because my religion is full of the stuff and they have taken my mind over” def: The act of hypocrisy or while obediently following draconian antisocial maxims invented by an outmoded publication empire led by sexually repressed grey bearded old men, who use their devotees money, to emotional blackmail and paper their minds with systematic psychological terrorism upon already vulnerable and suggestible victims”

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      “The act of hypocrisy or while obediently following draconian antisocial maxims invented by an outmoded publication empire led by sexually repressed grey bearded old men, who use their devotees money, to emotional blackmail and paper their minds with systematic psychological terrorism upon already vulnerable and suggestible victims”

      And all true Christians should follow the lead of these exemplary men! We commend you, Brother Perry, for adding your voice to the new song of faith.

      • Sorry a about that outburst. I will await a public reproof while another 300 charges are taken into consideration Yes brother, they may be examples in a way. Thast what lynchmobs are for. I think their might be a loving theocratic marketing opportunity here! Hurrah! What about miniature plastic heroes of the watchtower ‘superhero’ brethren. For broke brothers who gave up a promising career to pioneer? They buy a set from the back of the hall, for say 50 bucks, or buy them at the next convention product sale off.. I bet Captain America or Batman can’t boast of being members of ‘the fateful and depleted sloth’ who can regularly bring 6 million people together 3 times a week to listen to drivel and dross on a regular basis while they forsake their lives and put them on hold, probably not??? For example The Incredible Hulk has not got as much power as a congregation overseer who can muster a group of pastyfaced morons on a Sunday to pester folk at an unforgiveable hour, can he? Not in the state of those clothes he wears, anyway. I know wearing a dark cheap suit makes you spout lies, but he could borrow one for field service, surely?

  3. Yes, brother, but at least the Nephilim got to have sex with the goodlooking daughters of men. Batman lives alone, Clark Kent looks like a pioneer out of his cape and scared of sex with Lois. Spiderman never gets the girl without grief. The Governing Body and the rest of our elite brotherhood are superheroes and to prove it and give regular ‘shepherding visits’ with horny single sisters, or those needy really fit looking wives of divided households who need support while their husbands are away. At least they don’t interfere with children, or sleep with their daughters like Abraham? Or was it Noah? No, they were just given too much wine weren’t they? Our children are safe from perverts at least. The last pedophile who stood down from eldership proved that. The congregation would not hear of it. Neither did the authorities. the congregation will keep free of reproach unless 2 witnesses are present only while the ‘kiddy- fiddling’ happens.

  4. Kurt says:

    There’s something I don’t understand about this. If there are ‘apostates’ slandering the Watchtower with lies, such as the UK Guardian, then where are the lawsuits that the very aggressive Watchtower legal department would file if someone threatened their interests?

  5. Kate says:

    The Watchtower actually was a member of the United Nations for 10 years. If you don’t believe it just go to the United Nations and get the public records yourself. You can get a copy of the application, renewal and there are pictures of the governing body at the United Nations conventions with a Watchtower booth. The evidence is overwhelming. You don’t have to be an apostate to look up public records.

    • Andre says:

      The UN is the scarlet-colored wild beast controlled by false religion. The Bible says it is a disgusting thing. Do you think they will speak the truth about God’s magnificent organization? The documents are all faked and the pictures are all photoshopped. Although I haven’t seen them I just know it’s all lies. I once had the bitter experience of being led astray by apostate thinking. I am not making the same mistake again!

      • Jehovahstrumpet says:

        You are an encouragement to us all, Brother Andre. You follow the Truth rather than the evidence. Our young ones should look to you as an example.

      • I admire the daughter for her faith, However, I do question whether she should obey the WT totally on visiting rights and refuse to seen her ailing Mom, altogether?? After all, her Mother might see the error of her ways by the mercy her daughter has shown, and repent, thus pleasing Jehovah while he goes about his less important celestial activities. However, I hope, for example, when the the daughter meets her mother, on agreed times organised by the body of elders, she still shows theocratic restraint and maintains ‘minimal contact’ only, and that she considers the wise counsel, not even to ‘eat with an apostate’ and that includes spoon feeding.

  6. Dyllen says:

    Oh, such a sad story and disgusting. I hate the daughter so much! Where in the bible does it say it’s OK to shun an innocent one and dine in with a child molester? That daughter is screwed and I hope karma does strike her back one day — whether she believes it or not — she needs a taste of her own medicine! I feel sorry for her children and they are going to grow up not caring about anyone unconditionally, because of that frigged up cult. This is proof to show how hateful they are — I will gladly spread this link out to the world and if a JW reads it, they gotta see it for themselves. A lesson needs to be taught to these dying robotics bitches!

  7. Johan Henze says:

    It is a well known and documented fact on record that the WTS was indeed registered as an NGO with the UN ! Even the WTS admitted it writing to the elders they were, so they could get access to the DPI! One day maybe when this JW who shunned her mother, when finding out she was telling the truth will be so depressed never be able to forgive herself !

    This is what the WTS do to people !

  8. Tanner says:

    Even if you are right about the UN this story is disgusting. Shunning someone who gave you the very life you are living to the point they cant even see their own grand children? That is selfish, if JW’s actually commend this person for what she did there is no way you are following a “loving god”. Its selfish and petty.

    “That’s such a betrayal! It kind of makes everything she ever did for you not really mean anything.

    Exactly. It’s all washed away like dust in the wind.”

    If you agree with this, your a monster…..

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      We have been accused, by some, of the unclean practice of Satire. You can read about these accusations and our response on the ‘about us‘ page.

    • It is a matter of faith. How does this make someone a monster. I beg you to show me one instance in human history where faith in god lead to something wrong.

      • Jehovahstrumpet says:

        It doesn’t make one a monster, brother. Think about it. A mother is widowed at a young age, but sacrifices all her life to raise her children and make sure they have what they need. She is even careful to make sure they do fun things too (which is entirely unnecessary). Then she donates a kidney to her ailing daughter. Now she is in a nursing home and cries for her children. BUT she has left Jehovah, so the daughter is loyal to Jehovah and allows her mother to die alone. What could ever be monstrous about that? No, brother, it is righteous and holy to let aged, unfaithful parents to suffer the loss of love while they die. It brings a lump to my throat to see such loyalty.

      • Free at last says:

        Disgusting! Fact of the day, Jehovah’s Witnesses are some of the most ignorant members of any religion when it comes to their GB’s hyprocritical current involvement & it’s joke of a history. They will tell everyone else to investigate, keep making sure they are in the true faith but can’t examine their own bc everything that may shed truth upon what it really is “must be a lie”! Truth withstands examination, wake up already!

  9. T’is true. The scarlet coloured wild beast represents the World government and with the drunken harlot riding as false religion with its fornicating doctrine with politics. No problem. If a drunken harlot rode you, wouldn’t you hope for some sort of happy union and share a good time taming your the wild beast?

  10. I used to look at the picture of the harlot and take it to bed with me as a lad.I really fell in love with the slut. The Youth Book tried to stop all my pubescent playfullness by asking boys like me at bedtime with impure thoughts to sleep on their side and lie hard upon the errant hand used before to disgust themselves while using foul fingers to practice self-abuse upon Jehovah. Didn’t work for me. I’m ambidextrous.

  11. Bridgette says:

    This woman is boasting about how “faithful” she is when all she is doing is being a horrible human being. To say she finds it difficult uphold shunning her mother. Selfish, very selfish. Her mother gave her everything, including a kidney and she just decides to shun her. Oh yes what a loving cult I mean religion.

    • A few posts up this answered by Jehovah’s Trumpet. Jehovah is love he truly desires none to die except for the 7 billion people on earth today who blatantly disregard his laws. Do you want to experience his love? Then you will be loyal like this sister.

  12. Julie Seymour says:

    Why is the writer called Jehovah Strumpet?

  13. Barbara says:

    Satan the Devil is cunning and “Walking about like a roaring lion seeking to devour someone”.
    So this woman, this loving, self sacrificing, loyal woman finds out about the Watchtower being involved with the UN. Her whole life’s work and belief system is undermined in this sincere person’s mind. She’s confused, betrayed, terrified and more. In sincerity she searches to find out that it can’t be true. IT CAN’T BE TRUE! Put yourself in her head for 2 minutes and see how awful that must be.
    So she looks for answers desperately only to be told she is wicked and evil for discovering this and that the evidence is a lie. They lie to her instead of helping her to prove it’s a lie from Satan. They turn on her and say she’s wicked. She shouldn’t have looked. They don’t sit with her and help her to regain her faith, with regard for her many years of faithfulness and sincerity of her confusion. No indeed, they turn her very children against her, her friends, her life. They tell her that now God hates her and wants her dead. All hope is lost unless she denies her own mind which is confused.
    This woman, who so loved her God and children is abandoned and tortured in old age and vulnerability by them all, while they profess love for her that their principled love is in action, they turn their backs on her in her deepest hour of need. And call it love.
    Think: Why would such a woman suddenly turn evil? After years of goodness? Why would she be moved to return to a god or a family who treat her so? How can she deny her own mind which has shown that she was lied to? Even if it IS all a lie about the UN, who has come to help her see that? Don’t say the elders because time has shown that they put “The cleanliness of the congregation” before the welfare of one person. They come ready to condemn and ready to disfellowship. They don’t sit all through the night and reason from the scriptures to gain the brother or find the lost sheep.
    My heart goes out to her. All her years of loving repaid in such cruelty. Hurting her at her deepest places of her heart.
    I am not convinced that the embodiment of love, God, is happy with this interpretation of “shunning”. I feel sure that He would be insulted by such a lack of understanding, self righteousness and cruelty. I have read all about how a “Man of the nations and a tax collector” was treated and viewed in ancient times. It did not include this treatment. What about the divided home scenario? Always to show respect, to be loving and kind to a vicious, mean husband, because you might gain him, your good example winning him over. This shunning is the polar opposite of how I see Christ to be.
    Something is very wrong with shunning as it stands. Surely surely.

  14. Free at last says:

    Your poor mother! What a disgusting religion. So let me get this straight, she read a fact! Public record that everyone knows about except the ignorant members and you shun her & not the 8 in NY. Ahhh-mazing! Shameful & being praised for it is incredibly ass backwards!

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      When fact and evidence reflect poorly on Jehovah’s chosen people and brings reproach to his unreproachable name, then it is apostasty!

  15. stumpy says:

    Watchtower is currently a member of the OSCE, as a non-governmental organization The OSCE is the ORGANIZATION for SECURITY and CO-OPERATION in EUROPE. Watchtower is only a member of the OSCE and the UN because of the need to fight for our brothers where they are trying to ban their religious freedom. The Kingdom Halls are being vandalized and brothers are being physically attacked. They are being imprisoned for refusing to serve in the military. These venues are only used as tools to help our brothers.

    Starting on page 11 on the document listed below, you will see very DETAILED pictures of all the destruction of Kingdom Halls in Eastern Europe.

    Here are links to statements made to the UN Human Rights Committee by our brothers European Association of Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses for the UN Human Rights Conference in July 8-26, 203 and OSCE Conference held in Warsaw from September 23 through October 4, 2013:

    Other religions there are allowed to worship as they please. Only Jehovah Witnesses are being persecuted! The organization is using these conferences as tools to help our brothers! Rom 13:4.

    The brothers from three Branches attended a conference to represent our Brothers in Ukraine. Here is the link to see the list all who attended that Human Rights Conference, including three representatives from three Watchtower Branches:

    See page 2, 10 and 23. Three branches attended:

    represented by Brother Sergey Cherepanov Deputy Chair of the Presiding Comittee,
    Branch Address is:
    6 Srednyaya Street,
    Solnechnoye 197739
    St. Petersburg Russian Federation
    Phone number:7 812 702 26 90

    represented by Brother Paul Stuart Gillies, Religious Freedom Sub Committe,
    IBSA House,
    The Ridgeway,
    London, NW7 1 RN, United Kingdom
    Phone number: 44 20 8906 22 11

    Office of General Counsel for Jehovah’s Witnesses
    represented by Brother Alan Alexander Gallina, Human Rights Specialist
    2891 Route 22
    Patterson, NY 12463 United States
    Phone number: 1 845 306 0711

    Please click on those links and you will see the suffering of our brothers and you will understand that Jehovah is only using these as tools to help our brothers in foreign lands that do not have the same freedom of religion we do.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      That’s very interesting, Stumpy, but it’s too bad that the Watchtower never actually used this reasoning as a defense. Instead, they said they joined the UN in order to use the Library! But I see that you don’t accept their word on this, and felt the need to second-guess them and try to find the ‘real’ reason they joined the UN, so I must warn others that you sound like an apostate and to use caution when reading your material. I, however, am faithful, and I believe what the Society tells me—that they joined the United Nations to use the LIBRARY. I’m disturbed that you would think they were lying about this.

  16. stumpy says:

    Starting on page 11 on the document listed below, you will see very DETAILED pictures of all the destruction of Kingdom Halls in Eastern Europe.

    Its on this link, it’s the second one listed on my original post:

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      Again, I believe the Society when they say they joined the UN in order to use the library. If you were faithful, you would believe them too.

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