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When Children Disappoint

Written By: Jehovahstrumpet - Oct• 06•13

Friends, statistics show that our children are very likely to leave the healthful teachings of Jehovah. Parents do what they can: discourage higher education; separate them from worldly influences; monitor their internet, music, reading material and television programs; forbid them from becoming involved in sports or other school clubs; arrange with teachers to have them sent to the detention room during parties, celebrations, and school assemblies; always making sure they understand their hearts are wicked; spank fidgeting toddlers who refuse to sit still during two hour meetings or all day assemblies; forbid them to date or go to dances; insist they shun their best friends or dear family members; take them out in the ministry on Saturdays and the meetings on Sundays; strongly encourage them to get baptized before they accumulate too much experience and knowledge;  and direct them to reach for the one career that is appropriate for everyone, pioneering. Tragically, in spite of all of this tender care, the majority of young ones turn away from the Truth.

Jehovah’s Trumpet interviewed three families that have experienced the heartbreak of ungrateful children and the pain these children inflict when the parents were forced to shun them.

Brother and Sister Campbell are shunning their son Daniel. They did everything right while raising Daniel. He was an exceptionally smart child and early on showed a deep interest in the wonders of creation. Brother Campbell says, “He could stare at ants for hours. He would take notes and draw pictures. We encouraged this at first and taught him to marvel at Jehovah’s wisdom in creating these amazing little creatures.”

But Daniel’s interests soon turned to the science of Biology. “We caught him reading a book on Evolution!” says Sister Campbell. They immediately adjusted his personal study and spent the time teaching him the fallacies of the theory of Evolution. “He wasDanielle better edited often argumentative during his study,” Brother Campbell recalls, “He thought he was smarter than Jehovah.”

Daniel continued to put his faith in the wisdom of men and was a straight A student through twelve years of school. “We increased his time in field service and pushed him to pioneer during school breaks. We had many heartfelt discussions assuring him that getting less than A’s was enough and excelling in the area of academics was striving after wind,” says Sister Campbell.

Despite their best efforts, Daniel graduated at the top of his class and was awarded a full paid scholarship to a prestigious university.

“We tried to reason with him. We examined the many stories of faithful young ones that had turned down such scholarships and chose to wash windows and pioneer instead,” says Brother Campbell.

Unfortunately, Daniel did not heed this advice and went on to college.

“We were devastated,” says Sister Campbell.

But Daniel didn’t stop there, he went on to earn a doctorate and entered into cancer research. He was part of a worldly team involved in genetic research that eventually yielded more targeted cancer treatments.

“It’s hard to put to words how disappointed we were. He had such a bright future in Jehovah’s organization, but he squandered it to treat disease,” says Brother Campbell.

Let’s move on to the MacArthur’s and how their daughter Jessica ripped apart their family.

Jessica was a good hearted child: generous, compassionate, loving, and always eager to help others.

“The problem was that she could not contain this misdirected good will. She often had a difficult time shunning people she loved, and she was overly concerned with the welfare of worldly people. While we would tell her the best way to help others was to respect Jehovah’s arrangement and preach the Truth, we often caught her passing notes to a disfellowshiped child or helping a worldly associate with homework,” says her mother.

Immunize editedBecause of her tender heart, Jessica was easily misled into getting involved with charitable efforts.

“I remember when she tried to collect for UNICEF at the Hall. It was embarrassing,” says Brother MacArthur.

When she was seventeen, she told her parents of her plans to travel to a developing nation after she graduated high school.

“We were ecstatic.  Our daughter wanted to be a missionary!” says Sister MacArthur.

But the MacArthur’s joy was short lived. Jessica informed them that she intended to help vaccinate children and build sewage systems.

“It was like our world dropped. How could she be so ungrateful? When they are babies, you just have so much hope for them,” says Sister MacArthur.

Jessica spent five years abroad wasting her time helping people slated for slaughter to empower themselves. When she returned home, she became deeply involved in Habitat for Humanity.

“She builds houses for the homeless when her skills could be used to build Kingdom Halls. Instead of teaching people that Jehovah’s day is coming when the homeless will be able to occupy the homes of those Jehovah slaughters, she provides them with a temporary solution,” says Brother MacArthur.

Our hearts go out to the MacArthurs. No parents should have to suffer so.

We also talked to the Mendoza family.  Their daughter Amelia is a world famous artist.

“She was a bit of a prodigy,” Says Sister Mendoza. “From a very young age she was quite the little artist. By the time she started school, she was drawing as well as the Society artists. We were thrilled and thought this would be her ticket to Bethel.”

Brother Mendoza tells us, “We encouraged her in that direction. We would sit and look at the beautiful artwork the brothers had provided for us. But she didn’t seem interested in it. She preferred to take art books out of the library.  This was a concern, but we thought it was a phase.”

When Amelia entered kindergarten and the other children were finger painting dogs and trees, Amelia painted scenes of people walking on the streets. Her teacher showed Amelia’s artwork to an art teacher  who  then showed it to an art critic.

“They came to us and told us there was something special about Amelia’s talent; that at her young age, it was significant that she was conveying so much emotion in her work. They felt that we should encourage her to develop her artistic interests,” says Brother Mendoza.

“We explained that we were encouraging her and had given her the goal of working at artist editedBethel as an artist. We showed them the fabulous artwork in our literature,” says Sister Mendoza.

The teachers and art critic recommended they do even more and perhaps introduce Amelia to the art world so she could learn from more mature artists.

“We told them that would take unnecessary time from meetings and service, but we thanked them for their interest.”

Amelia’s art continued to attract attention, and by the time she was twelve, her work was regularly being sought and bought. Local galleries would showcase her inventory.

“We told them that as long as it didn’t interfere with Amelia’s spiritual routine, we would accommodate them. Eventually, Amelia was bringing in so much income, that my wife and I were able to quit our jobs and pioneer! So we really viewed it as a blessing from Jehovah,” says Brother Mendoza.

The Mendoza’s entertained high hopes that Amelia would one day go to Bethel and paint for the Society. But the world wanted Amelia too, and, for now, it has won.

“We were devastated. When Amelia turned eighteen, she went to Europe to continue studying art. She’s made a name, drawing unwarranted attention to herself.  She sends us photos of her with world leaders and celebrities that have bought her work. These always make us so sad. She still sends us money, but we don’t speak to her or acknowledge it. She must understand she cannot buy her way into the Kingdom of Heaven . . . on earth . . .” Sister Mendoza says.

While these faithful parents suffer the pain and disappointment of ungrateful children, they have not lost their zeal. We asked them to share with us how they endure.

The Campbell’s have a daughter who they now focus on.

“It was a bit shaky at first,” says Brother Campbell. “She didn’t take to the Truth right away and unfortunately had a child out of wedlock. We thought we had lost both of our children, but Heather came to her senses and made things right with Jehovah. Now she and our grandchild live in our basement. Heather cleans some houses, and she is regular at the meetings. Recently she met a young brother who gave up his career to allow more time for Jehovah. He’s a telemarketer and a pioneer. They plan to marry, and if Heather picks up a couple more houses, and they live here and save for a while, they will be able to afford a two bedroom apartment. They both make us so proud. They have their priorities straight.

“We hope that Heather will be a strong example to her brother,” says Sister Campbell.

The MacArthurs put their effort into building good relationships with other faithful young ones.

“Jehovah promises that he will give us children, brothers and parents when our fleshly relatives prove unworthy. He has done that,” says Brother MacArthur. “We find time for the young ones in the congregation and offer them guidance and support. But we have learned our lesson and guard our hearts. We understand that as much as we come to love these ones, we must be ready to shun them and turn away from them. So we always keep that in our thoughts.”

Sister MacArthur adds, “I often meditate on Job. Satan killed all of his children, but that didn’t really matter since Jehovah gave him more children. We are being tested as Job was tested, and that means that Satan sees us as faithful, and Jehovah trusts us to prove that we will serve him, even in adversity.”

Disappinted parents editedThe Mendozas have used the money that Amelia sends them to move and serve where the need is great. They have not given up the hope that Amelia will return to the fold.

“We know that champagne parties and notoriety can’t last forever. Satan’s world will cast Amelia aside, and when that happens, she will see the error of her ways,” says Brother Mendoza.

“Yes, how many times have we seen children broken and discarded by the world just to return to the congregation?  It gives us so much hope, and we pray it happens soon,” finishes Sister Mendoza.

Friends, these families should encourage us all and make us ever committed to submitting to Jehovah’s arrangement. When our children deeply disappoint us, the best thing we can do is display our loyalty to Jehovah and shun them. Never give up hope. The gifts the world can give them will pass, and when they fail, they will run back to the love and protection of God’s congregation.


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  1. Andy says:

    Another blast from the Trumpet! Awesome but sadly true. Saw it with my own family.

  2. Sister Handkerchief says:

    Good reminders for us to practice shunning our kittens and puppies so that we will be prepared to shun our own children if they ever leave the Truth to become anything from atheists, humanists, Buddhists, Catholics, Baptists, or Seventh-day Adventists. So sad that many young ones fail to realize that everything outside of Jehovah’s organization is just part of Satan’s world.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      Yes, Sister Handkerchief. Thank you for your comment. We all need to prepare our hearts to shun those that need it for their own good.

  3. I too am dismayed that our children do not spend more time out in field service. After all what a better time while leaving literature to ‘a listening ear’ to pitch to clean the windows of the householder? Our young brothers and sisters are ‘well equipped for every good work’ with buckets and ladders at the ready. Their fastidious skills in glazier maintenance are all they need to win Jehovah’s approval and provide for a heft mortgage and mounting bills. Now they can brave the elements and ‘incidental witness’ to their customers at the same them. How might sacrificing their education and a lucrative career our youngsters the worthiness of good honest labour requiring no self esteem whatsoever! Make 8 bucks and your hours in the same month! Praise Jah! How our loving and merciful Jehovah hates dirty windows and independent thinkers whose windows are smeared with satanic soot. Clean windows means a clean heart. What need of a worldly career when our underachieving children can distribute theocratic literature in the fulltime pioneer service? May God’s new system come soon where there will be no need for promising careers, active pursuit of the arts..why…we have eternity and no need for that nonsense. Where we can still enjoy ‘back copies’ of useful articles from the anonymous Awake correspondent! Glad tidings! No need for libraries filled with pagan and worldly machinations, like philosophy, pagan politics, filthy art, featuring nakedness, painted by artists with venereal disease, whose authors seek fame and selfish fortune, to distract our youngsters from our spiritual goals for them. Who needs the so-called ‘arts’ when our own literature features topical gems of wisdom, like “The inside of a Pomegranate..Another Obscure, Highly Exotic and Biblical Fruit”. No need for schools and colleges, art galleries or museums where we are heading, brothers and sisters! The New System is full of Paradisaical scenes of Utopia as illustrated by the organisations wonderful array of anonymous graphic artists. Hurrah! Also, as parents and loving spiritual guides for our children, we can devise alternative routes home for our persecuted children from school each day, to avoid the bullies who beat the crap out of our kids, for righteousness sake. Oh! The bliss of staying loyal to Jehovah without even one worldly grade! Jehovah will provide your resume, children, not vain worldlings wishing for self idolatry, and wanting evil success and recognition…. like Beethoven who had syphilis you know.

  4. vincedeporter says:

    Love this article! I’m preparing my basement as we speak! 😉

  5. Raymond Huska says:

    Thank you for the experiences. My daughter imagined she could outwit Jehovah by going to college and getting education. We knew she wanted to go to college to do drugs, get drunk and attend orgies, after all Jehovah warns his people about these filthy places of worldly studies. We knew that college was not a place for Jehovah’s faithful servants so what we did was we sat her down, and explained to her that if she disobeys Jehovah by attending college she would be choosing Satan and because of this she was forcing us to shun her for the rest of her live. We didn’t hold back the rod as it were, she knew we were serious and that she wouldn’t be welcomed back at our home or home of her grandparents and she would never see her 2 younger sisters. We were ready to completely shun her but thanks to Jehovah she had a change of heart and repented. She decided to become a dishwasher at the local Denny’s and is now happy pioneering and putting Jehovah’s service first. We know the end is just around the corner and the best years of our children’s lives should be pioneering and making Jehovah’s heart rejoice. It’s so sad to read about other families who lost their children to the world but that’s because they didn’t heed Watchtower’s warnings and didn’t trust in Jehovah enough. What is more important than pioneering and serving Jehovah while holding on to the hope of everlasting life? It sure isn’t being a doctor or a scientist and enjoying this life that will only end in death.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      That’s right brother. Jehovah hates it when we develop our brains fully and become successful. Meddle too much with intelligence, and that leads to questions, questions lead to doubts, and doubts leads to independent thinking, and independent thinking leads to apostasy, sex, drugs, theft, murder, and white color crime. Your daughter made a good choice. It’s best not to head down that road. Had she given in to temptation she may have developed the notion that listening to repetitive meetings and knocking on empty doors was not fulfilling. You are a good parent.

    • Anyomous says:

      I think… shame on you Raymond! Really? When was the last time you went to college? It is not all about “orgies” or “getting drunk”. Get your facts straight. I mean, how would there be doctors, EMT’s, etc if they never went to college / universities! Not all of us are BAD!

      • Jehovahstrumpet says:

        I think the greatest danger to college is that it will develop independent thinking. College teaches young ones to question the answers they’ve been given, to question authority, and to validate the answers. This could lead to them questioning the authority of the elders, and even worse, Jehovah. And when they go looking to confirm the answers these wise ones have given them, that could lead them to the internet and apostate sites. Yes, they could end up spiritually shipwrecked.

        Independent thinking is not for Jehovah’s people. Remember the sons of Korah! They questioned and they were slaughtered. Independent thinking could also cause division within the congregation! Young brothers and sisters would start forming opinions that are different from the rest of the Friends. That would threaten our unity and our very special and holy practice of always speaking in agreement.

        It is best not to immerse ourselves in the unhealthful teachings of Science, Anthropology, Literature, History, and Mathematics. In fact, I knew a young sister that took an ungodly History class where they taught that Jerusalem fell to Babylon in 587/586 BCE and on 607 BCE! These professors thought they knew more than Jehovah! This really stumbled her.

        There is no end to making books, but Jehovah’s wisdom is forever and always right.

  6. Bridgette says:

    Please tell me this is a joke. Parents were disappointed in their children for becoming successful and happy.

  7. Superboy SilverSword says:

    I am at my wits end with my son, Caleb.

    The other day, he asked what chance did humans have of successful self-rule if Satan has been there all along stirring things up and was it not a bit unfair of Jehovah to burden humans with imperfection and the Devil then complain when we get it wrong. And while the thought of seven billion men, women, boys and girls becoming carrion excites us greatly, Caleb has displayed some distaste at the notion. I fear that if he was around in the time of Lot he too would have ‘looked back’ and would have missed the chance to engage in incestuous baby making which had Jehovah’s approval. Even a spanking with a leather belt didn’t make him appreciate our earthly hope of living with human fertilizer underfoot.

    He then asked how many blood fractions make a whole, and if someone had all the different blood fractions over a period of time, would that not be the same as someone having a full blood transfusion. We are devastated.

    We can only presume that Satan has devoured him spiritually. It is heartbreaking.

    What a wonderful opportunity for us to show our relationship with the organisation by demonstrating the loving provision of shunning our eleven year old son.

    It will not be easy, but our faith is strong, and we are encouraged by the brothers in the above article.

    • Jehovahstrumpet says:

      All things are possible with Jehovah. Your son’s heart may be wicked only for the moment and by the time he is thirteen, he may come to his senses. Satan approached Eve because she was the youngest, and Satan comes at our children with teachers, career aspirations, and friendship. Make it a matter of prayer, Brother, and Jehovah willing, your eleven-year-old son will change his wicked ways.

      • Superboy SilverSword says:

        Thank you, Jehovah bless.

        I have written to the Society directly, as one of Caleb’s friends from school visited recently and we just wanted to ensure we were following their direction.

        We of course showed this worldly boy the true love of the organisation, which sets us apart from the ‘sea’ of the mankind, and wanted the organisation to confirm that it was OK to greet and dine with Caleb’s worldly friend, while ensuring that Caleb dined a short distance away, and if our table set up was correct.

        They have not yet replied but perhaps you would be able to advise me? I can’t find anything in the literature.

  8. Devoted to the Watchtower says:

    Dear Superboy,

    We understand the difficulty that is facing you. Keeping yourself pure is of utmost importance. Every now and then our loving Jehovah brings a worldly child around so we can witness to them. It may be Jehovah’s will that this you young one was brought to your home not because he is your son’s friend but because Jehovah is wanting to bring him into his loving organization. By planting the seeds of Truth into this young one’s mind Jehovah will be pleased.

    Do not let satan discourage your faithful efforts. This young one may come to understand the love of the Truth and know the Watchtower as we do. Then he will also help your son to better understand the kind of love it takes to say, “No” when the world says, “Yes”. While he is visiting your home make sure literature is in sight. Talk about subjects of interest to him. We have so many wonderful articles specifically designed to entice the young ones with pictures of animals and smiling people. These will all help Jehovah to show him a paradise where only Watchtower approved people will be accepted and cared for.

    As for seating arrangements. We recommend that you have a cook out. Have two blankets to sit on just like it shows in our wonderful pictures of paradise earth. This will ensure that you are not violating Jehovah’s law of eating with one who is not of Jehovah’s organization. Make sure his meat is very bloody and explain that life is in the blood. See how he reacts. If he reacts with repugnance this is a wonderful sign of an open heart to Jehovah’s law against blood. Offer to cook the meat thoroughly removing all signs of blood juices from the meat and make sure he knows how much Jehovah is pleased with such a decision.

    In time. with continued effort and a thorough reproach of your son. you will ensure he is cut off from even those who call him, “friend” and bring him back under the loving control of our organization and those who are the true friends of Jehovah.

  9. Jerry O Connor says:

    I can`t believe those three children! Ungrateful bastards! My three have lovingly shunned me for over a year now.

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