Evolution: A Satanic Theory

This article first appeared July 8, 2014 and has been updated.
Friends, the following article is not about masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, or homosexuality so it may not be appropriate for children. Please use godly wisdom when deciding if your child is mature enough to consider this material. We are going to have a frank discussion about the Theory of Evolution. Why is this important? Because while sexual perversion is likely the number one reason people leave Jehovah’s organization, the Theory of Evolution runs a close second.
Some may accuse us of denying science, but JW.ORG explains, “Although Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in creation, we are not antiscience.” We are also not Creationists. The Society’s website goes on to list two reasons we are not Creationists:
  1. Length of the six days of creation. Some creationists assert that the six days of creation were literal 24-hour days. But the word “day” in the Bible can refer to a considerable length of time.—Genesis 2:4; Psalm 90:4.
  2. Age of the earth. Some creationists teach that the earth is just a few thousand years old. However, according to the Bible, the earth and the universe existed before the six days of creation. (Genesis 1:1) For that reason, Jehovah’s Witnesses have no objection to credible scientific research that indicates the earth may be billions of years old.

Quote can be found at JW.org

Unlike some in faithless Christendom who wish to keep their followers ignorant, Jehovah’s Witnesses understand that the Bible and science are completely compatible.
Yet, we may ask ourselves, why does the Theory of Evolution sometimes prove more seductive than fornication? For several reasons, and by the end of this article, the reader will understand how the Theory of Evolution and fornication are actually connected. The following paragraphs will analyze this connection.
Firstly, the evidence supports the Theory of Evolution. A righteous person knows that this is a very weak reason for accepting this lie, but those that are spiritually weak can find it appealing. The best protection against evidence is to stay spiritually strong. We need to pray to Jehovah when we feel tempted to accept well-tested, unfalsified, evidence. This should be our first and immediate reaction. When a faithful one hears evidence, we should pray loudly in our thoughts to crowd it out. We may even benefit from praying audibly, perhaps during science class for the young ones or when unbelieving family members are watching the ungodly television program Cosmos.
Our next defense is to fill our heads with Jehovah’s thoughts. We all want to have the mind of Christ so read Watchtower literature that debunks the evidence. Consider using the book, Life–How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or Creation? This publication is a powerful tool against evidence.
Lastly, we must remember our Christian identity. We do not walk by evidence but by faith. Associating only with those who also walk by faith alone will strengthen our resolve to stay loyal to Jehovah in the face of all evidence.
Another reason that some are attracted to the Theory of Evolution is that it frees a person from Jehovah’s scriptural laws. Yes Friends, this is at the core of those who are seduced by the Theory of Evolution. They are desperate to disprove the Bible so that they can follow the longings of their wicked hearts. If they can convince themselves that humans are genetically related to monkeys, this liberates them to throw feces at each other. Yes, Friends, feces. Satan knows our weaknesses, and he will draw them out. He will use wicked theories to do so.  While the Theory of Evolution emboldens these wicked ones to throw feces at each other, it also encourages them to fornicate like bonobos. So we see that at the base of all desire is fornication. Like Harry Potter books and Smurfs, the Theory of Evolution is a slippery slope toward anal sex.
A third reason that the Theory of Evolution may prove alluring is because it works. Lifesaving medications are made possible because of scientific understanding of evolutionary biology. So would a true Christian reject lifesaving medication that is based on the Theory of Evolution? There is no need to be over-zealous. We are not unreasonable. A Christian’s conscience may allow him or her to accept the medication. However, we can guard our hearts by not dwelling on the science behind the medication but rather by focusing on our appreciation for the provision. Let us thank Jehovah that the medication is available and that he cares for us. It is not appropriate to credit imperfect humans with medical breakthroughs, especially those based on God dishonoring theories. Let us always be resolved to give credit for all good things to Jehovah
Finally,  the Theory of Evolution stumbles many because it has predictive powers. Scientists can predict outcomes based on their understanding of the Theory of Evolution. This may make some Christians uncomfortable because predictions are
often practiced by those who engage in spiritism. There is no need for distress. Scientific predictions are not based on information from demons but are based on sound evidence. However, that does not make the Theory of Evolution true, not at all. In fact, these predictions are unreliable and don’t compare to the accuracy of Jehovah’s prophecies. When we are tempted to marvel at the predictions that science makes, we should  marvel instead at Jehovah’s prophecies. Be amazed at those that have already come to pass, and yearn for future prophecies to be fulfilled.
The Theory of Evolution is full of flaws and weaknesses. Can it tell us how the universe started? No. Can it tell us what caused the spark of life? No. Scientists even struggle to  buy into this theory. Richard Dawkins, arguably the most rabid defender of the Theory of Evolution, admits in his book, The Greatest Show On Earth: The Evidence For Evolution that “Genesis … must be said … to be … fact” (pages 29,30,59,82). Folks, if a wicked atheist accepts the Genesis account of Creation, should not that be a thousand times more true for those of us with faith?
In this wicked time of the end, we should expect that a thing like evidence would rear its ugly head to try and disprove God’s word, but we are people of faith. We understand that the only thing standing between us and feces-throwing are the Holy Scriptures. We honor our bodies and don’t wish to fornicate like bonobos. We are not impressed with a satanic theory’s predictive powers when we have prophecy. We wait in gleeful anticipation of the fulfillment of the final prophecies when seven billion men, women, children and babies will be slaughtered and their carcasses devoured by birds. Only then can we have true and everlasting happiness.



UPDATE: After this article first posted in July 2014, Richard Dawkins caught sight of it and tweeted for others to come and read. Jehovah’s spirit is working wonders Friends. imagine how many atheists were encouraged to come here and take of this life saving spiritual food for free. And we may have also touched Richard Dawkins’s misdirected heart! Praise Jah!


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